Meditsiinispetsialist / Medical Specialists for Denmark


Nimetus:Meditsiinispetsialist / Medical Specialists for Denmark
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Tööülesanded:Interested in an activity with time for the individual patient? Interested in a balanced relationship between work and leisure? As a specialist In Denmark, you will enjoy the advantages of a 37 hour week, outstanding care and education opportunities for children and young people, good job options for your spouse and, not least, a working climate in which teamwork, further education opportunities and flat hierarchies occupy a special status. For Danish hospitals we’re looking for medical practitioners specializing in the following areas:  Radiology  Pathology  Psychiatry  Neurology  Rheumatology  Family doctor Denmark is divided into five regions. They are in charge of running hospitals and (through collective agreements) managing the general practitioner system. The local government is in charge of providing prevention and healthcare services to the public. Hospital treatment is free of charge for residents in any region of Denmark, and emergency treatment is available to any person In need
Omalt poolt pakume:You get  An interesting working environment which will challenge your professional qualifications and your creativity  Time for the individual patient and his or her relatives  An influence on decision-making processes  A 37-hour week with flexible and family-friendly hours of work  An intensive specialized Danish language course To assist with your relocation, Danish hospitals will provide ongoing support to you and your family and assign you a personal contact. Your partner will also receive assistance in finding a job, help is provided in finding a residence, and mentoring is provided as well as help for all other practical matters. How to apply Please send questions/your detailed application documents (curriculum vitae, formal recognition as specialist and other relevant documents which reflect your professional career) and a motivation letter to the following e-mail address: We will then contact you as soon as possible.
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