EURES (European Employment Services) is a European Job Mobility Network created by the European Commission in 1993. EURES is designed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the EU 28 countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Moreover, EURES has an important role to play in providing specific information and facilitate placements for the benefit of employers and frontier workers in European cross-border regions.

In practice EURES provides its services through the portal and through a human network of around 1000 EURES advisers that are in daily contact with jobseekers and employers across Europe.

In Estonia, the Eures Co-ordinating Body is the Unemployment Insurance Fund. 

Information about the rules of the Estonian labor market and job seeking in Estonia can be obtained from our EURES advisors under contacts.


Looking for a job and working in Estonia

If you hold a passport of another EU Member State, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, you have full access to the Estonian labour market. This means you can freely come to Estonia to search for employment, make use of the Estonian job mediation services provided by Töötukassa, and settle here to work. No residence permit or work permit is required.

You are however encouraged to register yourself with the Police and Border Guard Board. By registering there you will receive an Estonian identity card and an identifying number which you will need to make use of all available services.

Once in Estonia, you need to register with Töötukassa to make use of our job mediation services.

If you do not hold a passport of one of the countries mentioned above, you have to apply for a residence permit to stay in the country for a longer period of time, and a special residence permit for employment if you wish to work here. These permits are issued by the Police and Border Guard Board. In general, permits for employment are only granted if it is clear that nobody from inside Estonia is available to fill the particular position.

Anyone who legally resides in Estonia and who are registered as unemployed, can receive job mediation services.