August 2022

Your guide to settling in Estonia


The Settle in Estonia Programme is a free educational programme provided by the Estonian state which is intended to help the foreigners who have arrived in Estonia to adapt and become accustomed to local life more easily. You can see the courses available to you by clicking here. Before registering for a concrete course or seminar, please see whether the course is held online or in classroom.

Registration for the summer school introducing work in public sector is open


From 22 to 25 August, the Integration Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture is organising summer courses on the public sector for students whose first language is not Estonian. The aim of the summer school is to introduce young people to career opportunities in the public sector and to encourage them to tie their futures with the public sector.

July 2022

March 2022

Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine


If you are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to the European Union, you will find key information about your rights with regard to crossing the border into an EU country, eligibility for temporary protection and applying for international protection, as well as the rights of travel inside the European Union. This information is also available in: